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I have always loved cars, they fascinate me! Here I would like to share my future potentials as well as past vehicles.

I always love to keep an eye on what is out there. I have no intention on giving up my Element, it is a wonderful and versatile car! It is also paid off, which is another bonus! But my husband has a lease on his vehicle, so he probably will take over my Element and I will get something new.. we share (but what he has now is too big for me.. I'm not comfortable in BIG vehicles!)... so what we get next most likely will be something I will be comfortable in so we can swap with out an issue.

I am very fond of Hondas, their styling can be kind of drab and dry. Love their reliability and just how wonderful cars they are!

I think what American manufacturers have done to their own selves.. I am glad to see they are "trying" to improve. I wish they would realize making several of the same vehicle under different names does not improve the car..they need to try to make ONE car right. GM is famous for that, which is a good reason they are one of the bottom dwellers of the reliability ratings.

The NEW SUVs..crossovers & Subaru's.. they are not SUVs.. they are hatchbacks or station wagons.. why did they "need" to change the name? I think station wagons & hatchbacks are great.. versatile vehicles! As you can see by the upcoming vehicles I am looking at they are "cross-over's".. they are not too larger, good gas mileage, and versatile!

What I am looking for next?

I love a car that is versatile, not too big, has good gas mileage, of course reliable, good acceleration & power, can handle most driving conditions... and a compliment to what we have (our Element).. so looking to have something that is more comfortable for long drives, and little more luxury.

 My Potential Next Vehicle...

Toyota Venza 2009

2009_Toyota_Venza_CARPREVIEW_Interior dashLove what I saw online.. can not wait to see them in person and check them out (drive)!  (You can see a video & more info on my links at the right).

CR site describes this vehicle...

Honda CRV 2008

Wow did they change the CRV over the years! And I do actually like this change.. it really is no longer an SUV but still has versatility, with some luxury to it.. but not overkill.

Comfortable, nice acceleration, easy in-and-out!

Honda Fit 2009.

2009_Honda_Fit_CARPREVIEW_Exterior front

Reading about this and watching the video on CR, it really does intrigue me... though it is a tiny bug of a car, it really looks like it can offer allot!

Comparing the Prius to the Fit...




Significant size difference, Prius much larger, but the Prius gets about 20 mpg better! The Prius does cost nearly $10k more... but figuring the current gas prices that could be made up quickly!

Toyota Prius

This little wonder has amazing gas mileage, and has come out very impressive in reviews!


Current: Honda Element 2003

I was drawn to this car before it was released. Initially the what they had proposed for this car was definitely not attractive. I continued to watch what they were coming up with, and saw a fabulous vehicle! I basically chased it off the truck!

One of the bummer with current versions of the Element is the interior color is now ONLY variations of grey... what I have is grey & blue (I love that). The color I have is no longer available (Eternal Blue Pearl). If you want the EX (which I always prefer Honda's EX models) you can not have the matt black body panels.. blah how boring! I love the "patchwork" look!

What I loved/love!

Down sides: (for me these are so minor! for others they can/could be make or break).

Acura Integra 1996

Never have been an Acura fan (I do love Hondas) but the Acura line-up just have been too boring to me.. at leas this one looked more interesting with the round headlights (of course the next generation took that away).



Honda Prelude 2.0 Si 1986

(above is not a picture of the actual car I had.. but my prelude was this color, make, model & year. So it is a good representation.)

Loved this car! It was wonderful! Even was in an accident with a HUGE deer.. my prelude won the deer lost! My car was still running, the deer was someone's dinner. Icy, rain, anything Delaware slung at this baby it could take it!



Mercury Topaz 1987 LX

(above is not a picture of the actual car I had.. but my topaz was this color, make, model & year... except I think mine had 2 doors.. don't recall anymore. But it is a good representation.)

Hated this car from day one.. and only hated it more as the days went forward! Eventually was in a 5 mph accident and the front end was in the front seat! No integrity what-so-ever! I had to hope for a hill, so I could restart it (it was manual, so I could pop the clutch).. I just had to hope for no stop signs or lights! It was a lemon, and I bought it new! I was young and needed a car.. so this piece of garbage was it!

I ended up "trading" this in for a car that was a year older.. that I had until it was 10 years old (prelude), and still was able to trade the older car for a nice amount. (love how Honda's keep their value!)

Really don't know why Ford Holds onto its Mercury line, they would do better to improve one name plate... instead of duplicates of the same name!



Illustration of cars piled up
HONDA’S STRENGTH  Is its consistency in our testing and reliability survey.
Illustration by Carlo Stanga

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