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I created a website about wedding traditions because I always found it crazy how many things people think they "have to do" with out having an idea of why.

Traditions and Superstitions expand to more elements of our lives then most are even aware. There are allot of great sites that have captured the vast number of traditions/superstitions very well, I have noted some to the right. I will include some of my "favorite" superstitions below...

Superstition Defined:

American Heritage Dictionary -

  1. An irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.
    1. A belief, practice, or rite irrationally maintained by ignorance of the laws of nature or by faith in magic or chance.
    2. A fearful or abject state of mind resulting from such ignorance or irrationality.
    3. Idolatry.

My favorites...

Pine tree topping a building: I never saw this until I moved to Colorado, I had to find out more! As with most superstitions this is an old one, naturally stemming from fear of evil spirits. Now it has a variety of uses now.... skeleton of a building has been completed, no one died, final height of a skyscraper, good luck & prosperity for the building occupants.

Horseshoes: My father had one in our basement, and told us that a baby born on Friday the 13th have reversed luck, so the horseshoe pointing down is lucky for him... never found anything to date confirming or denying this. There are a variety of theories for the horseshoes luck. Crescent shape, being protective. Iron, thought to be magical & would ward of evil spirits (plus additional connections from the luck of a blacksmith). Horses, worshiped by a variety of religions & cultures. Horses would be used to choose the site of a church. Christian connection, for the horse & donkey being in the stable at Christ's birth. The number 7, 7 nail holes in a horseshoe.  Then the position of the horseshoe for luck, pointing upward to hold the luck. Others feel the luck will be there regardless of what position a horseshoe is hung (hung pointing down over a doorway to allow luck to spill over the entry, to prevent evil from entering).

Friday the 13th: (my father was born on Friday the 13th). fear of Friday the 13th paraskevidekatriaphobia (I can not believe they actually have a name for it!).

Ancient Superstition? Nope! The combination of Friday & the 13th,  favors the 20th century more than any period prior to it. Connections to Friday, having bad luck, stem from it being the last day of the week & some religious references.

For the #13... It is said if 13 dine, one will die within the year, as well as some religious references. Hotels have feared the number 13 by eliminating the #13 as a room & floor (skipping from 12 to 14).

Some have tried to tie this (Friday the 13th) superstition to history, but the fear is much more recent. (Individually there are some interesting connections)

For my father... A child born on a Friday is doomed to misfortune (from 1846) ... (could not find anything specifically on Friday the 13th birth.. but guess doomed with bad luck?)

4-leaf clover: When I was little my Uncle John and I sat in a bed of clovers in my backyard, he found a 4-leaf clover. It was so unusual and special to me, I always wanted to know more about it. 

One: eve grabbed a handful of 4 leaf clovers as she left the Garden of Eden, and gave them sparingly to her children as good luck charms.

Another legend: Hope, Faith, Love & Luck is what each leaf represents. 


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